Lesson Policies: Fall 2018-Spring 2019

Lesson Length and Fees:

Initial lessons are 30 minutes per student and are $25.00. This lesson gives me an idea of where we will start together, your goals, and how best to work together. For experienced singers, please have a song prepared for the lesson.

Regular lessons

Regular lessons are charged as either Monthly or Quarterly Tuition.
Monthly Tuition: Up to 4 lessons in a regular weekly slot. $200 for a 45-minute slot; $275 for a 60-minute slot.

Quarterly Tuition: Up to 11 lessons in a regular weekly slot. $450 for a 45-minute slot; $600 for a 60 minute slot. (Tuition must be paid in full at the start of the quarter to receive a discount).

Absences: Illness, Planned, Teacher Obligation

At this time, Jessica cannot guarantee make-ups for emergency absences and she encourages students with minor illness to come to lessons if they felt healthy enough to attend school/work that day. Please let Jessica know ahead of time, if possible, to prepare an alternate music lesson if singing is not possible.

If a student is notified LATE of an obligation that interferes with their regular lesson time, the lesson can be made up for THE SAME WEEK if Jessica is given 1 week notice prior to the missed lesson. With less than a week’s notice, the lesson fee may be forfeit.

If Jessica has a planned absence, she will notify students by the 20th of the preceding month and plan make-up time accordingly. Jessica will do her best to plan absences for the 5th week of a month or during major religious or national holidays when many students are on vacation.

Single lessons:

For those seeking help on upcoming auditions and NOT a regular lesson slot for a month or quarter, Jessica has limited availability, but please feel free to reach out if this is the case.

Single lessons are $60 per 45-minute lesson, $75 per 60-minute lesson, and $110 per 90-minute lesson.

Those without regularly scheduled lesson times must cancel three days prior to the agreed upon lesson time to not incur a missed lesson fee. Those who cancel with fewer than 72 hours prior to their lesson will be responsible for half the lesson fee. Those who cancel less than 24 hours prior to their lesson time will be responsible for the whole fee.

I require two weeks’ notice to discontinue lessons and kindly request that you speak to me in person, NOT through email, text, or voicemail.