Lesson Policies:

Lesson Length and Fees:

Initial lessons are 30 minutes per student and are $25.00. This lesson gives me an idea of where we will start together, your goals, and how best to work together. For experienced singers, please have a song prepared for the lesson.

Regular lessons

$65 for a 60 minute single lesson

$60 per 60 minute lesson with the month paid in full and a regular lesson slot

$50 for a 45 minute single lesson

$45 per 45 minute lesson with the month paid in full and a regular lesson slot

Only students ages 6-10 may take 30 minute regular lessons. These are $35 per lesson and tuition must be paid by the first lesson of the month.

For multiple students of the same family, please discuss with me personally about discount options at the initial lesson.

For recurring lessons, tuition is due at the first lesson of each month to receive a discount. Be prepared to discuss any planned missed lessons for the month at the initial lesson of the month: these will not be charged. Single lessons must be paid on the day of the lesson. I currently accept checks and cash as payment.

Weekly lessons:

At this time, I am not able to guarantee make-ups for missed lessons. If you must cancel for serious illness only, please call in by 10am the day before your lesson time to make arrangements. Those who cancel with with less than 24 hours notice will forfeit the fee to the lesson.

Single lessons:

Those without regularly scheduled lesson times must cancel three days prior to the agreed upon lesson time to not incur a missed lesson fee. Those who cancel with fewer than 72 hours prior to their lesson will be responsible for half the lesson fee. Those who cancel less than 24 hours prior to their lesson time will be responsible for the whole fee.

Often in lessons we are able to “sing around” minor colds and ailments, and other times we can focus on other musical skills such as ear training, theory, diction, or expression. A good rule of thumb when deciding whether or not to attend a lesson, ask “would I go to school today?” If you would attend school, please come to your lesson. If in doubt about whether to cancel or not, please do not hesitate to call me to discuss your concerns.

I require two weeks’ notice to discontinue lessons and kindly request that you speak to me in person, NOT through email, text, or voicemail.