Practice Policies:

Vocal production requires careful engagement of several muscle groups. Singers should consider the art of singing as being closely related to other athletic feats. This means warm-ups should be made part of regular practice, regular practice should happen often, and there should be days of really working the vocal mechanism as well as easier healing days of practice.

New musicians, with regular practice, should see small results quickly, within 3-6 weeks. More profound change can be noticed in 12-16 weeks. I have many students who have started singing from square one, and with regular practice, sound like professional musicians after only one year of private weekly lessons.

Ultimately, you are ultimately responsible with how much you progress. If you are concerned you are not making strides quickly enough, please take some time to discuss this with me so we can discuss the next best step.

Song Literature and Book Policies:

At your first lesson, and throughout your time with me, I will suggest songs I believe are appropriate for your current level and will help your voice grow. Buying single pieces of music at a time can often be more much expensive than buying a whole collection of songs found in a single book. You will have the choice to buy only the piece I have suggested, or to buy a collection I can recommend that contains that piece and others. If a collection is used, I will typically try to find several pieces that are appropriate for your voice out of it. Not every piece in each collection is appropriate for every singer, so RARELY will a singer learn every piece out of any collection.

Students can expect to pay between $15-$40 on new music per quarter. The price variance is mostly based on how quickly the student learns new music, new technical skills, and his/her attention span. Sometimes I will give partial copies of music to students to practice. This should be considered a loan, just until the music you purchased comes in. If a student fails to purchase assigned music within 2 weeks, I will purchase the music personally and add the charges to the next months’ tuition.


If there is a specific piece of music YOU would like to learn, please bring a purchased copy of it to your lessons.