I believe each person who can hear and speak can learn to sing, if they desire. There are no “bad sounds” produced in my studio: we explore the voice at every level making everything from soft floaty sounds to hard gravelly sounds. Becoming familiar with requirements for producing these types of sound is intrinsic to learning any genre of music as well as the current limitations and growth potential of your own voice.

My lessons focus on healthy vocal production to free the best voice of each individual singer and are aimed at accomplishing the long-term or short-term goals of the singer, whatever those may be. Often I will utilize kinesthetic learning “tools” to condition healthful sound production. Imagery, diagrams, and explanations of physical or acoustical concepts may also be used if appropriate for the singer. Voice science as a field has been rapidly expanding the last 20 years, though “old-school” singing technique has been taught orally for hundreds. I continue my own education on singing, performing, and teaching techniques to give my students their best chance at success and fulfillment through singing.

As vocal production is controlled by antagonistic muscle groups, “cross-training” through opposite genres will be encouraged in my studio. Students hoping to sing pop/rock music will have several folk or classical pieces assigned to them. Classical singers can expect to spend some time in music theatre repertoire or jazz standards. We will focus mostly on your preferred genre, but, especially if we reach a vocal plateau, expect that other genres of music exist to help your vocal growth.


Finally, music is an art that is meant to be shared. Students perform at the level they are at, as the voice will continue to grow and change throughout their lifespan—there is no “point” at which one is ready to perform, you have to give what you’ve got when you have the opportunity. Though sharing something as personal as your voice may make you feel vulnerable, performing not only shares the hard work you’ve done, it develops a depth of character that helps the student bloom into their own unique person. Through performance I see students grown in confidence, focus, empathy, charity, humility and pride, just to name a few common traits. Students will be encouraged to join choirs or other musical groups and to perform solos at studio or joint recitals. We will work through the highs and lows of live performance together, and this skill will prepare you to blossom in the world more than you know.